How did you get into the franchise industry?

I first started out in sales in 2005 and grew from there. By 2012, I found myself in the franchise industry working as a consultant. I loved everything about the franchise development process and wanted to take a more active role in the full process. I launched my California-based franchise development firm, West Coast Franchise Developers (WCFD) in 2016 and have since then worked with over 150 brands.

What does a “Day In The Life of Devin Conner” look like? 

Every day is different. Whether I am leading a discovery day or I am making calls and connections throughout the day, my day consists of tons of person-to-person interaction. I oversee all of the moving pieces for the development process for my clients and ensure that our clients are getting matched with the absolute best franchisees. Really, I want my clients to be successful, so my focus is on ensuring their franchise model is conducive to replication. I vet various leads, doing my best to matchmake, close the deal, and make everyone more successful.

What is your favourite part about what you do?

Truly, I love this job. Again, my day-to-day is always different, which keeps things interesting. I enjoy celebrating when we find the right candidate for a brand, watching it grow from just 2 or 3 units to 50 or 100 nationally. Seeing the growth, the joy, the rewards, and the smiles all make each day worth it.

Do you see opportunities or challenges for this industry in the future?

I’ve lived through the challenge that 2020 brought to all of us. Through that, I’ve seen the vitality of this industry, which energized me in new ways. The opportunities reveal themselves daily, on small and large scales. More and more, thanks to the virtual connections that our technology allows for, people are seeing the potential in expanding through franchising their business models on a national — and global — scale. We aren’t limited to the pool of buyers in our backyard; we can now reach new markets fast and effectively. Not only that, people are open to business ownership, especially after the pandemic. I have seen record sales in the past two years due to individuals who are ready to master their own ships and who understand the affordability that franchised concepts offer.

Tell us more about your company, W.C. Franchise Developers.

We are a full-service development firm founded in 2016 — we support both new and existing franchisors. Our consultant agency will take an existing business from its initial set up and franchise brand development to lead generation and sales. We have an incredible team of people who have been with us for years who act as a part of the team for our clients. We are currently based out of California and specialize in California-focused sales due to the more strict regulations of the state, but work with businesses and candidates anywhere around the world.

What was the most difficult moment in your current role?

When we work hard to see a deal go through and the candidate drops out unexpectedly. That can be discouraging for my clients, especially if it’s one of their first sales. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we push through and I work hard to encourage my clients.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I am not just here to do a business deal. I am here for my clients to maximize their business’ potential through a streamlined, thorough development process and a high-energy, fast-paced lead gen process. I want people to know that my passion for other people’s success stories is what drives me each day. 

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