1. How did you get into the industry?

RGX’s Vice President, Derek Mickler, was one of RGX’s first wheel repair technicians in 2004. The business started as a mobile service that repaired cosmetic damage on wheels for pre-owned car dealerships. As our company grew, we discovered a great need for bent wheel repair. We have since continued this total service attitude by adding weld repair, custom color changes, and powder coating. Fast forward to now, we have four brick and mortar locations and over 18 mobile units across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

2. What’s new in the business or in the franchise model?

We have a simple and efficiently structured model that yields high profitability and ease of operating management.

3. Where do you see opportunities or challenges for the franchise/business moving forward?

Our next opportunities and inevitable challenges are to find the right franchise partners to help grow RGX nationwide.

4. What is your goal for the business moving forward?

We aim continually to provide quality and safe service to all of our customers and to expand our services throughout the nation.

5. Talk to us about training, support, and how you deliver.

We provide a dual phase training program for all of our franchisees. We also created a strong marketing, operating, and ongoing development and training program as a part of our franchise offering.

6. What was your most difficult moment in the business?

Like many other industries, COVID-19 impacted our business. Dealerships and car auctions were hit hard, bringing car sales to a halt, which in turn affected our commercial mobile routes. As an essential service, we prevailed and focused on providing services to retail customers, health care workers, and first responders during that time.

7. What does your franchisee do in the business every day?

Our franchisees will participate in the day-to-day activities of the business on a full-time basis – repairing wheels, running the operations, increasing sales, providing quality customer service, and managing the team.

8. Who is your ideal franchise candidate?

The main qualities we will look for in a potential candidate for RGX are their ability to perform the work and their level of professionalism and enthusiasm – we want business people to join the RGX franchise model that will be aggressive in their markets. Someone in the automotive industry is a plus.

9. What goals do you have for the franchise model in the future?

Our goals for our franchise model is to continue to bring an efficient and streamlined model to our franchisees and service to our customers.

For more information on the franchise, please call 980-482-1428.