How did you get into the industry?

After college my dad and I came up with the idea to personalize products onsite during events. We secured the PGA Tour including the Ryder Cup (our first event) which is similar to the Olympics of golf. I travelled 32 weeks a year for 6 years engraving for the PGA Tour as well as others that we picked up along the way like the Super Bowl, Final Four, Sebring 24 hour Race to name a few. As my wife and mom life sprang to life I realized what you could do locally while touching in on some of our big events. Eventually I realized that by staying local I could work and grow my business while taking care of my family and myself and that others would benefit from this too. 

As a unique business we fall onto the edges of a few different industries: golf industry, event industry, engraving industry, promotional product industry, fundraising industry, side hustle industry. I have never really felt like a full part of any of these industries although I have either touched them via a trade show or a sale. I look forward to what other industries we can expand into.


What’s new in the franchise model or how are you differentiated from your competition?

Franchising is new to Jupiter & Company. After 20 years of personal onsite experience and another 5 testing out the business in a box I decided to franchise because I want others to feel ownership in their business. The Jupiter & Co team will support our franchisees through our experiences and knowledge. – New territory opportunities – New Version 2 of the Jupiter Engraving System – Covid related product ideas

Where do you see opportunities for the franchise moving forward?

Nationally: With the rise of covid we have created some new product options for the hospitals and essential workers. From 6ft pins to memorial tags to luggage tags. 

Locally the opportunities are still there that were there before covid except for one exception: Individuals need to keep their circles small and a local person with a personal and business connection is an opportunity for the taking. 

– Realtors are thriving and still need promotional products – Golf facilities are seeing record numbers – Schools are wanting to connect and what better way than a personalized school tag. – Essential workers’ bosses want to show their appreciation 

There are opportunities like this in every community. 

Buying a franchise of Jupiter & Company The opportunity to have a small business from your home for extra income in these times is many times necessary. The side hustle industry is booming right now and this is a great way to try a franchise and have a side hustle from their house. 

Where do you see challenges for the franchise moving forward?

The biggest challenge I see for the franchise is the loss of the onsite events. In the past these have been a great way to make cash onsite while creating connections with others that would push our business. These are easily remedied with moving online. 

I also believe that the initial push of the business may be slower to grow with the loss of school sports. 

What are your unique points of training and support?

Support: Tory Larson, Lead Tech Engineer, does all the tech support via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Video and Picture messaging. We have an appointment calendar so people can book an appointment…we respond within 5 hours and complete tech support with solution within 24 hours (depending on schedules but that is our guarantee). 

Training: Once a system is shipped I connect with the tracking number and link for them to set up an appointment for FaceTime or WhatsApp training. I also send a personalized set up video: 

Warranty: As long as the franchisee orders their products and templates through Jupiter & Company we will fully warranty their engraving system. 

Have you had a difficult moment within the franchise expansion?

Staying on top of our skyrocketing growth is a challenge but welcomed. We continue to dial in our support model to deliver valuable network support to our franchisees.

Define your Franchise Model:

  • Training and Support Model?

Our training program provides our franchisees with everything to launch, operate, and grow the franchise, as well as updates on new technologies or procedures through refresher courses


  • What is the Fee Structure?

Franchise fee: $2,500

Investment Range: $8,950 – $25,700.

  • Territory Definition?

Exclusive territory

What does your franchisee do in the business every day?

From our guide book:

Who is the ideal franchise candidate?

Initially I thought Moms – 35-60 connected to the community. Now with everyone working from home and wanting an extra way to make income I would say: 

– Moms – Artists – Etsy store owners – Independent sales reps – an extra line – Dads staying home 

What goals do you have for the franchise model in the future?

One of the goals for the franchise model as we grow will be to have the franchisees share in national accounts – for example: The Hot Chocolate Marathons are held in 12 spots around the country – I would like to secure the account and let the local franchisees run the events. Another example: Other franchise companies could use us to help support their local stores by setting on onsite for fundraising or give aways. 

Another goal is once we have enough franchises sold we will produce in person events of yoga, balance, work hacks etc to connect our franchisees so they can do business together for larger events or accounts as well as to promote a good work/life balance.

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