Jesse, how did you get into the industry?

We took our experience and skill sets and wanted to go into a growing market that gave an experience rather than a product. We had the vision to create a place of wonder and excitement for both adults and children. After deliberation and research we decided the growing ice cream industry was a perfect fit. We wanted to create a dessert concept that was different from the outdated ice cream parlor experience. Our vision was to create a place of wonder incorporating the engineering and technology aspect of machinery and equipment. We wanted something retro and old school for adults, yet futuristic and trendy for the younger generation Thus, we built our ice cream parlor as a steampunk themed factory, utilizing state-of-the-art Nitrogen equipment to make our memorable dessert creations right in front of you from scratch.

What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?

Something new we introduced to the business are alcohol infused options for adults. Our alcohol ice cream is served in martini glasses, decorated and garnished individually different; making a very memorable picture taking experience. We also now offer alcohol infused milkshakes served in giant souvenir lightbulb jars.

Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

We see a lot of opportunities to open future locations in not just lifestyle centers or shopping plazas, but also places where there’s a huge nightlife environment, festivals, and other live venues due to the variety of options and our social media famous alcohol dessert options for adults.

What is your Goal for the Spiked Rich Franchise Business Moving Forward?

We want to open a select number of locations yearly and works hands-on with partners who are passionate about the business, love the brand and want to grow with us long-term.

Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

The franchise pre-opening training program will be held at our Davie, Florida location for a duration of 1 week. Training usually lasts between 7-9 hours per day and includes daily operations training with at least 1 day going from opening to closing. We also cover marketing, management, and brand standards. We will go over staffing, hiring, scheduling, product offerings, customer relationships, daily operating procedures, recipes, store setup, safe food handling, inventory management, banking procedures, KPIs, onsite training objectives, and ongoing franchisee obligations. We will also offer virtual training videos for product creations, day to day operations, and more. Once a franchisee’s ice cream shop is ready to open, we will conduct on site-support for a period of 2 to 3 days, inclusive of a soft opening event. We will have constant and continued support even after the franchisee has opened their restaurant.

Your most difficult moment in the Franchise Business?

The most difficult moment is finding the right partner who has the capital but also shares the same values, work ethic, and vision for future growth of the company.

Talk with us about your Franchise Model:

Training and Support Model?

We offer extensive training pre-opening, going over the entirety of running the business. We will have both onsite training at our Davie facility and at the franchisee’s facility. We will also have classroom and virtual training. Support will be continued even after the new franchisee’s location is opened.

What is the Fee Structure?

Franchisee Fee: $40,000

Subsequent Stores: $35,000

On-going Royalty: 7% of gross sales paid weekly

Brand Development Fund: 2% of gross sales

Grand Opening: $15,000

Estimated Development Cost: $273,175 to $492,885- (this included the grand opening and initial franchise fee)

Territory Definition?

Your specific location must meet our site criteria and approval. The minimum territory that may be granted in a suburban or urban area is a 5-mile radius or 300,000 in population, whichever is less. 

What does Your Franchisee Do in the Business Every Day?

Franchisee’s will start their business day by opening their store with the opening procedures they learned; from prepping, cleaning, stocking up the store, and day-to-day operations. They will be working hands on with their employees, leading by example and interacting with customers throughout the day, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and pleasant experience for everyone. By the end of the work shift, they will check the POS reports, workers hours, and start the closing procedures.

Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate to operate a liquid nitrogen ice cream franchise model?

An owner-operator that is passionate about the business, loves the brand and wants to grow with us long term. They should be good under pressure, a strong leader, approachable, friendly, and have the capital or ability to acquire a loan/financing to open their own Spiked Rich restaurant.

Success Stories and Failures with Franchisees?

We just started franchising so as of now there are no case studies to compare to our corporate locations.

What Goals Do You Have for the Spiked Rich Franchise Model in the Future?

Our goals are to dominate the Florida market, then expand throughout the east coast, and finally nationwide.

For more information on the Spiked Rich Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise, visit the corporate site: