How did you get into the industry?

A: My first company, Video Tutor, Inc. produced and sold prerecorded educational media, including VHS and DVDs, starting in 1986.  As that industry shifted, I changed my focus to the sale of flat-screen televisions to the hospitality market. Around 2014, the flat screen TV business hit a saturation point, and I sat in a Dr. Fuji FJ-4600 massage chair at the Consumer Electronics Show.  I was in such awe that I instantly became a dealer for Dr. Fuji products.  The only problem was that selling $10,000 massage chairs is challenging.  After a few years of attempting (with limited success) to sell them, I began to realize that creating Mobile Recovery Stations could generate revenue from the segment of the population that love these products but cannot afford them!

What’s New in the Your Kneaded Escape Business or in the Franchise Model?

A: Well, the Your Kneaded Escape (YKE) Franchise Model is what is new!  There are a couple of small competitor trailers out there, but our intention is to create a network of trailers so that this newfound industry can scale up and work efficiently.  When I first started doing this, I would drive from Houston to Las Vegas or Phoenix or Mississippi to do a gig, but then I realized the potential of a larger network of trailers.  We have worked hard on perfecting our model, including climate control and atmosphere of the client experience and the best times and places to do our gigs. We are now inviting prospective independent businesspeople from all over the U.S. to help us write the industry playbook.  

Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

A: Opportunities? We are just scratching the surface on what I believe will become a whole new industry. Currently, we own three trailers that can do up to 1,000 gigs per year. I believe that this market will evolve into hundreds of thousands of booked gigs per year. Virtually all of our events consist of dozens of happy people laughing and enjoying themselves as they reduce their stress, ease their tense muscles, and get a break from their workplace or studies!  We have had many supervisors and administrators tell us that our Mobile Recovery Stations provide an excellent opportunity for team building.  Moving forward, I am 1000% confident that there are several markets that can utilize our service and have yet to be discovered. 

What is your Goal for the Your Kneaded Escape Franchise Business Moving Forward?

A: Our immediate goal is to complete the “network.” Instead of having operators travel far distances to different events requiring overnight stays in hotels, we want this business to evolve to the point where operators can take shorter gigs closer to home base. We will reward our franchisees with incentives for booking gigs out of their territory that can be serviced by other franchisees, thus creating a true team of independent business owners who operate within 100 miles of their homes all while we introduce the service to our prospective customers and grow the brand nationally. 

Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

YKE is generally looking for pre-qualified franchisees. What is a “pre-qualified franchisee”?  I would say an individual who is outgoing, upbeat, positive, and client-focused. We will have an extensive bank of instructional videos on all aspects of the business, from operating the chairs to effectively running an event. We will also have our experienced staff mentor the franchisee and provide ongoing support.  

The most beautiful thing about our business:

A:  Our business is simple!  Our gigs are all “feel good” events, and you can generate a solid profit just by booking a third or half of the days every month.  We have created a model where a little hard work can get your ROI back quickly, and we will all act collectively as a nationwide team. We are excited to be building the nationwide Mobile Recovery Station network with dedicated franchisees.

Your most difficult moment in the Franchise Business?

A:  Undoubtedly returning the deposits to all of the customers who had reserved gigs when the COVID19 pandemic shut down the U.S. economy in March of 2020. We were coming upon our busy season. It was tax time for accounting offices, Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse Appreciation Week and final exam week at colleges and universities. I sat in our living room staring at the TV as I received one phone call after another cancelling the scheduled events, and I returned every penny of their deposits.  All in all, we had roughly 40 cancellations, and most of those customers had forwarded 50% down. The business account was drained, and I thought we were going to have to shut down permanently. Thankfully the government programs kept us afloat as we opened, then closed, then opened, then closed, then opened again. We are so grateful to be able to move forward now. 

Define The Your Kneaded Escape Franchise Model:

Training and Support Model? 

A concise but comprehensive training program is in place, which includes the maintenance of chairs, how to set up and tear down a gig, and most importantly, how to operate the chairs. A series of online videos will be available for training and ongoing support. Our experienced staff also provides training and support for franchisees.

What is the Fee Structure?

  1. Our initial franchise fee will be $30,000.
  2. Royalties will be 15%
  3. 1% national marketing fee.
  4. Franchisee will pay an additional 15% to gigs referred to them but will receive 15% for any gigs that he refers to other MRS operators.

Territory Definition?

Initially, we would like to keep each territory to a population of 1.5 million people, enabling operators to service gigs within 100 miles of their home.  This will burn less fuel, keep our operators closer to home, and reduce expenses and wear and tear on our Mobile Recovery Stations.

What does A Franchisee for Your Kneaded Escape Do in the Business Every Day?

  1. If the franchisee has a booked gig, they show up and provide the customer with an excellent wellness experience. 
  2. While at the gig, eyes and ears are kept open for referrals and future gigs. 
  3. Before leaving the gig, franchisee establishes rapport with the decision maker in the hopes of booking 2-4 times per year. Currently, we have customers who book our services monthly! 
  4. If there is no gig, franchisee can work with us to generate social media posts and network both on the web and in their community/territory. Publicity via radio and TV stations is also quite helpful. The franchisee can also book gigs via email and phone calls. 

Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate?   

Almost anybody can be a franchisee provided they can: 

  1. Drive/tow a 28-foot trailer 
  2. Have a happy, positive and, upbeat disposition/attitude 
  3. Can spend time on their feet assisting people in and out of our massage chairs. 
  4. A little bit of mechanical aptitude never hurts! 

If the candidate possesses these qualities, we are off to the races.  We have had a lot of success with former law enforcement officers, landscapers, and other self-employed business people who already own a vehicle capable of towing our trailers.  In many instances, partners or duos (such as spouses or family members) work well when one person can deliver the trailer to the location as the other performs the duties of the operator.

Success Stories and Failures with Franchisees?

A:  We are just getting started! We are very excited to meet positive, upbeat individuals.  As we have performed this service on our own for quite some time, we cannot emphasize enough being prepared for weather and ensuring that you have adequate parking spots.  Sometimes pulling in and out of a location is the toughest part of the gig.

What Goals Do You Have for the Franchise Model in the Future?

A:  YKE provides a fantastic service that is loved by all.  As our model evolves, I would like to see that Our Mobile Recovery Stations: 

  1. Provide the best service in this budding industry. 
  2. Offer the finest cutting-edge wellness retail products on the market.
  3. Share the best wellness and recovery information in the industry.

For more information on the Your Kneaded Escape Franchise system, visit the corporate site: