How did you get into the power washing and commercial cleaning services industry?

Back in highschool, my senior year, I got out of school at noon. I rented a power washer and power washed decks, sides of houses, anything. I went off to college and I kept the business going. Eventually we had two or three crews. When I got out of college, I sold my business. I was in restaurants for 7 years and had three businesses. We sold two and one closed. I was looking for what to do next for my career; my brother-in law-invited me down to Florida. We moved to Florida and started power washing in 2010. It was just me at first. I did everything. My father moved down as well, and within just a couple of years, we had several employees. Fast forward to 2020, we are doing around $2 million a year in sales.

What’s new in the Green Earth franchise model or how are you differentiated from your competition?

We have state-of-the-art equipment. We have specialty equipment manufactured for us that no one else has. We are solely a commercial company.; we don’t do residential (although a franchisee can choose to residential if they would like to). We are the ONLY commercial-focused power wash franchise in the industry.

Where do you see opportunities or challenges for the Green Earth franchise moving forward?

I think this is  a good opportunity to take control of the market. There is only one other company that has franchised in our industry and they focus on residential. We’ve developed a good brand that we can stand behind with training and support. We have a lot of knowledge and will help our franchisees grow.

What are your unique points of training and support within the Green Earth Power Washing Franchise?

In field training, our franchises go out with our supervisors on the trucks. They experience the day-to-day operations first hand. When they return, our office staff would do training on bidding, measuring, costing, etc.

Define the Green Earth Power Washing Franchise Model:

A. Training and Support Model?
Our training program provides our franchisees with everything to launch, operate, and grow the franchise, as well as updates on new technologies or procedures through refresher courses

B. What is the Fee Structure?
Franchise fee: $40,000
Royalties: 6% on Gross Sales

C. Territory Definition?
Exclusive territory plus previously contracted work in some territories.

Who is the ideal franchise candidate for a Green Earth owner?

The ideal candidate is somebody who is hands-on, who likes physical labor, and who will get their hands dirty out in the field. This person is an owner-operator who would ideally be out with his crew whenever there is the need.

What goals do you have for the Green Earth franchise model in the future?

I would like to see us have franchises in every part of Florida as far south as Miami. Once we’ve covered Florida, the goal would be to continue to move north into Georgia, the Carolinas, and then beyond.

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