How did you get started in the business Lysa?

I had a holistic day spa in Los Angeles for several years and decided to open a metaphysical store because it was an untapped market in Florida and believed there was an opportunity to help people and help franchisees to develop something that was needed for customers and at the same time giving franchisees an opportunity for financial freedom.

What’s new in the franchise is we offer more of a selection for Healy frequency treatments and we now offer shop and shop opportunities for franchises, which would be working with her brand with a business that would complement their business such as cannabis shops, spas, gyms, holistic, wellness centers, spas, acupuncture centers and nail salons.

What are your Goals for the Meta Frequency Franchise?

The goal is to set up a strong foundation for the franchisees to have an understanding of their merchandise and the benefits it offers to their customers.

We believe that the relationship with franchisees is ongoing for the duration of the franchise. We have in-store training and class training. We help them set up the store and we also put them through a leadership development course which helps to set them up for success.

It was trying to convey iMessage clearly to potential franchisees.

Talk with us about the Meta Frequency Training and Support Model.

Our training consists of on-site training once the franchisee has found their location. The location is selected with the help of FMS and a functioning master. We also do in-class training at the flagship store. We also have a four-dimensional program that the franchisees will take in order to set them up for success. We also have a company called Thryv that will do all the marketing, Facebook, and Instagram for their social media. It also does 60 of the major platforms and hooks up their maps to Google and Apple.

How is the Meta Frequency Franchise Structured?

The fee structure is 45K included in the $195K to open a location.

We are currently a Florida-based franchise.

Enjoying their customers and their new relationship with their business.

The franchisee should set up the business every day by sagging, lighting the candles, doing healthy frequency treatments, making sure there’s water in all the fountains, turning on the music, making sure the inventory is correct and being available mentally for their client’s arrival.

Who would be an Ideal Candidate for a Meta Frequency Franchise?

An ideal candidate would be someone who has an interest in learning about energy and crystals. Somebody who is genuinely committed and sincere to helping their customers find the best solution to whatever their needs are.
We are a new franchise and are in the process of generating franchisees.

The goal is to always be on the cutting edge of new treatments and ideas in the industry, and always be at a higher frequency for our customers to flourish.

For more information on the Meta Frequency Franchise model, visit the franchise site: