1. How did you get into the industry?

We were researching ways for our own family to get outdoors more in a new and creative way.  We have one who loves camping and one who prefers nice hotels, and this seemed like the perfect compromise. We saw a need in the market for this for other families and friends as well.

2. What’s new in the business or in the franchise model?

Our demand highly exceeds our supply at the moment. We are expanding rapidly and looking for new strategic locations.

3. Where do you see opportunities or challenges for the franchise/business moving forward?

The opportunities are endless. This is an exciting business with so much potential. The challenges are making sure we find the right locations to operate in.

4. What is your goal for the business moving forward?

We want to continue to provide a unique, beautiful escape for families and friends. We want to watch this business bless other families and entrepreneurs who join our franchise family.

5. Talk to us about training and support and how do you deliver.

We are very hands on and detail oriented. We walk with our franchisees every step of the way. We train with real life scenarios that we have encountered over the years in our day to day operations so that they will be prepared to handle situations and know how to respond.

6.Your most difficult moment at the business?

Knowing which opportunities to pursue and which to turn down.

7. Define your franchise model:

1. Training and Support Model?
Training begins approximately three to four weeks before the franchisee is scheduled to open for business. On-site training typically takes place when the franchisee commences operations of their Georgia Glamping Company model. The Franchisor will provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of the franchisee’s business, including management and oversight, maintenance, customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.

Georgia Glamping Company will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies for the benefit of all members of the franchise network.  It will also supply franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level, and retains the right to approve all local advertising materials that the franchisee chooses to develop.

2. What is the Fee Structure?
Franchise fee
: $40,000
Royalty fee: 10% of gross sales

3. Territory Definition?
The territory will include a defined area and will be documented between 1 and 3 campsites.  This will be determined by a number of factors (including number of sites withing a campground, proximity to major markets, etc.)

8. What does your franchisee do in the business every day?

A little bit of everything depending on how many support staff they choose to have. Anything from HR, Payroll, Guest Relations, Maintenance, Business Development and Marketing.

9. Who is the ideal franchise candidate?

Enjoys the Outdoors Strong Work Ethic, Discipline, and Integrity Loves Delivering Quality Guest Experiences Outgoing with Good Communication Skills Business Acumen and Management Skills Meets Financial Requirements 

10. What goals do you have for the franchise model in the future?

We would love to see our franchisees own multiple locations.