Why did you create Computers Plus?

I’ve always loved computers and always fixed own computer. This one time I didn’t have time to fix an issue that my wife had so I asked her to take it to a local name brand computer repair store. After having my computer for almost two weeks and me knowing the problem I called to get an update. I got terrible customer service along with the answer “we are still working on it” and “we will call you don’t call us”. After doing a little PI work I discovered that this practice of having customers wait around without follow up on their computer repair process was accepted though out the community around me. I was stunned. I knew at that moment that customers like deserved better service and I wanted to be the leader at it.

What is your Background?

So I was in finance. I worked corporate America most of my life. That past experience helped me structure a model that would add value service to the customer and create a lasting impression on my community for years to come.

What challenges have you had to overcome?

My main challenge over the 10 years I would say was about 5 years ago me making the tough Sacrifice  away from my family putting together all the successful pieces of this business to make a rewarding model. 

What separates computers plus from competitors?

First is our passion and love for what we do. You gotta love technology and no one shows it more that computers plus employees. This isn’t your regular 9-5. We enjoy seeing happy customers. We enjoy showing customers new technology to improve or better enhance their life. I did mention Gaming? We are pretty much rock stars when it comes to gaming.

What’s important to you Personally?

Faith, Family and hard work. If you can’t enjoy what you do than stop what you’re doing and start doing what you enjoy.

How has your community reacted to your business?

Computers plus services many local business and residential customers. I have business customers that depend on us. Residential customers that without our basic fundamentals practices would be left in the dark. And with technology, people staying connected online we’re leaving a legacy. We Pretty important to some people.

What foot print are you leaving in your community?

When staring this business it’s important that you let your community know. Chamber of commerce, local business network groups. Once people see what services you offer.. You will see your foot print grow and become part the fabric that binds your community. You are running a essential business.

Why did you franchise your business?

I wanted to enlist an army to give this service all around my greater community. I could only achieve that through franchising.

What words of advice can you tell someone thinking of franchising?

Find something that you have a passion for and something that will require you to grow with the franchise. There are some great sandwich franchise out there. This flavor bread that flavor chips not much more. If your passion is to continue learning with the ability to profit from that learning, teaching than this might be the business of you.

What is computers plus end game?

Continue being essential in technology for customers and businesses.  It tokes leadership! I’m not just franchising. I’m recruiting leaders all around me. Who said Marshall Goldsmith “good leader is just as good as his team”

What type of training and continued support and recipe for success computers plus do?

3 week training course with one week having myself visit and work closely with franchisee on daily operations and monthly check ins and follow up of marketing strategies that have proven successful in our model.

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