How did you get into the industry?

 entered the childcare industry thirteen years ago, after returning to my hometown and
realizing our area needed a preschool with a strong academic curriculum. I left a high school science teaching position, to build a little school for my own children and other little ones. My goal was to create an educational atmosphere for students whose parents needed childcare but also strived to find a facility with well-qualified educators caring for their children.

What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?

We are different from other “daycare” franchises in that we combine childcare and a
private school setting with a strong academic curriculum and assessment program. We also offer a private Kindergarten program for our students to remain with us one more year, before heading off to elementary school.

Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

I see immense opportunities ahead for the franchise due to the fact that thousands of childcare facilities have closed across the country due to COVID-19 pandemic. We are prepared to help our franchisees with a strong COVID-19 health and safety plan if the current situation continues. These practices have been in place since our center re-opened in June of 2020 and has allowed our staff and students to remain safe while providing a high quality early childhood education.
Beyond the current pandemic, the childcare industry is a growing industry which shows no signs of slowing down. In the United States, parents spend around $42 billion each year in early childcare and preschool education. This does not include the billions the state and federal government contribute for low income families. Our centers, although mainly draw in private pay tuition, we do partake in state childcare programs to help low income families. We will aid our franchisees in obtaining information on such programs.

What is your Goal for the Business Moving Forward?

The goal for The Edison Early Learning Center franchise business is to help other educators or entrepreneurs achieve their goal of constructing a high quality early learning program in their community. As a former educator, who had little to no experience in business, I understand how difficult that first step is to take on your own. We are offering to help you with the doubt and stress of opening your own early childcare business. The path will not be easy by any means, but we are here to pave the way for your success in building your own little school!

Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

Keep in mind, we have gone through the experience of setting up both the business
model and several centers. We know what works! All franchisees will be well trained in our procedures and practices. Just as our students must participate to learn, we will have you spend time at our corporate headquarters so get an appreciation of what it takes to run a successful Edison franchise. You will meet our staff, spend time in all of our classrooms and see our amazing curriculum and business practices in action. All franchisees will receive extensive training in hiring practices, classroom setup, giving family tours, setting tuition rates and more!
Choosing the community and location is also of vital importance for the success of your school. Whether you choose to lease, buy, or remodel an existing childcare location we will assist you in making all the tough decisions from room layout to playground locations.
Opening day will be both exciting and overwhelming so our knowledge staff will again be there to help you make it through the day or even the first few days. Our support will continue with day to day questions or issues. Trust us, we know there will be many!

Your most difficult moment at the Franchise Business?

The most difficult Edison moments have to be those involving unhappy parents or
classroom behavior issues which our staff find difficult to handle. With our thirteen years of handling these bumps in the road, I can personally share my experiences and prepare you for these tough conversations you will encounter with parents or staff members.

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