How did you get into the industry?

I first started in the industry in 2005, almost 18 years ago. I started with a Service Master location in Columbia, South Carolina. We worked water, fire, and mould jobs with the company where I began to grow a solid foundation of understanding of the industry. I gained tons of experience, researched and developed more remediation methods, launched NEST Protection Plan, and here we are today.  

Let’s discuss some challenges that you’ve faced and/or some successes you have encountered.

As far as challenges go, breaking out and doing something new is always a challenge. Some people don’t understand the possibilities yet with what we are able to do here at NEST. Some old ways of thinking are still out there, so we are gaining a footing in the industry with a niche concept that is both innovative and unique. 

We’ve seen so much success with our model and concept — it’s been incredibly rewarding. Seeing the people that we’ve served with these plans who are giving us high praise and high reviews for what they’ve experienced and what we’ve been able to do for them is awesome. Of course, our most recent success is developing our add-on franchise system. With our recent nationwide launch, we are now able to expand the franchise model throughout the country and get NEST Protection Plan into as many homes as we can throughout the nation.  

Is there anything that you would like to add regarding your training and support model?

Our team provides a robust support model that includes all of the main components that our franchise partners need to be successful — things like ongoing administrative and operational support, marketing guidance and social channel strategies, and key vendor relationships.  

But it all starts with a very intense, full training program that we’ve designed for the partners that join us. We’ve developed something very specific for them and that is very unique as well. Most franchises just give you a phone number and call it “support” but we have a full coaching program. We ensure that each one of our locations doesn’t fall behind. It’s important to us that our franchise partners can see the rewards and success that come with being a NEST franchisee, and that all starts with solid support and training from us.  

What does your franchisee do in the business every day?

Again, we are unique in this industry. Our model flexes with the needs and wants of our franchise partners. Our franchisees can choose to be heavily involved if they want to or they can step into more of a management role. Whatever capacity they choose to operate in from day to day, we want to see them running a tight and successful ship. They need to have a highly trained, accountable staff and always put customer satisfaction at the forefront of their operations. They will be expected to provide the best for the customer while they are in their homes and ensure their staff is following through with our high standards of satisfaction. After all, the most successful businesses are the ones who keep their customers happy. 

In your own words, describe the ideal franchisee.

We don’t limit this to anyone in particular — NEST Protection Plan is open to everyone who has solid business acumen, who is coachable, and who is ready to roll up their sleeves and grow. Our franchisees need to be ready to do what it takes to provide the best services for their customers and the best culture for their team. Current janitorial companies or disaster restoration businesses are also a great fit. They will need to communicate in a timely, clear, and reasonable manner and be excellent at maintaining the schedule that NEST Protection Plan necessitates.  

What are your goals for your company in the future?

Our goals are to have this plan covering millions of homes throughout the US and to have thousands of homes in each territory. We don’t plan on having any franchise location doing poorly! We aren’t going to move forward with locations unless they are ready to go all-in and put forward their best. Ultimately our #1 goal is to provide top-quality services and to help millions of homeowners!  

 Thank you to Arthur Yon for conducting this interview. For more information about the franchise opportunity, visit their franchise page at 


Training and Support 

NEST’s expert support team works with each franchisee to understand and fully grasp how an ideal operation should be executed. This will include everything that a franchisee will need to know including customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, technology training, and administrative procedures and anything else pertaining to the business. 

What is the Fee Structure? 

Franchise Fee: $50,000 

Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $72,000 to $92,500 (with franchise fee)   

Royalty Fee: 8% of Gross Sales    

Territory Definition? 

The territory will include a non-exclusive territory containing an APR (Area of Primary Responsibility).