How did you get into the industry?

After 14 years as an engineer in the manufacturing industry working 60 hours a week, I wanted a change. The issue wasn’t as much the money, but the time. My kids were getting involved in activities and I was either missing them or late. I spent some time with my water treatment consultant and found he had time, money, discretion over his daily schedule and a quality of life I was looking for….

What’s New in the Business or in the Trinity Franchise Model?

I began to realize early in my Water Treatment career what a great opportunity this industry offers to those involved. Not only are we stewards of the environment, but we also promote water and energy savings as well. While starting and managing a water treatment division for a major fortune 100 company I discovered a niche that I began to grow which led me to open Trinity Water Solutions in 2017. Trinity Water Solutions Franchising capitalizes on an “established industry” with a twist on growth thru promoting “quality of life”, “self-reliance” and a family friendly entrepreneur model.

Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Trinity Water Solutions Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

At TWS Franchising, we want to establish ourselves as a national brand that not only offers a great business opportunity but a company that will give back to our community, family and friends. As we develop our business model, we want to provide the right people with the tools needed to move their life towards their goals. I always find the biggest challenge in any business is just getting started and with our system we will get franchisees going and moving forward.

What is your Goal for the Trinity Water Solutions Franchise Moving Forward?

Our ongoing corporate goal is to continue to establish our brand as a national leader in the water treatment industry by helping others build their independence by using our TWS Franchising Model and our on-going training and support.

Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

TWS Franchising is not a traditional franchise retail business like a fast food establishment. We don’t expect our franchisees to work 70-80 hours a week to make a living wage. We expect our franchisees to want to make a difference in their life and to give back and be involved in their communities. As such, we offer hands on training in our home office to include classroom and field training. On-going training also includes a week with the franchisee in his territory after 3 months in operation. TWS Franchising also provides in field service help when/as needed to establish new business development, technical and sales training. Franchisee’s will also be included in structured yearly training as well.

Your most difficult moment at the Trinity Franchise Business?

When a typical water treatment company wants to grow, they will hire a person, pay them a handsome amount of money and hope they work out. TWS Franchising is changing that growth model. We want to empower our Franchisees to be entrepreneurs, to be independent, to have a quality of life… Our challenge is to find independent like-minded individuals looking to be a part of that growth and our family.

Define the Trinity Franchise Model:

A. Training and Support Model?
One week in TWS Franchising office to include classroom and field training. After 3 months in business, 1 week at Franchisee’s territory. We also provide structured yearly classroom training and as needed field support per request to develop new business development, technical and sales training.

B. What is the Fee Structure?
$30,000 franchise fee 6% Royalty fee 1% marketing fee

C. Territory Definition?
A TWS Franchisee territory will be determined by franchisee office location and a population between 500,000 to 1,000,000.

What does a Trinity Franchisee Do in the Business Every Day?

As a TWS Franchisee, your day will be broken into sales and service. Initially, your day will be mostly sales, but once business contracts are established, monthly service visits will have to be scheduled. A typical day will include 2 sales calls and 2 service visits once established. Office time will also be required to prepare quotes, inventory management etc.

Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate?

At TWS Franchising we are looking for entrepreneurs with communication, marketing and sales skills, mechanical skills are a plus and a driven entrepreneurial spirit. 

What Goals Do You Have for the Franchise Model in the Future? 

At TWS Franchising our goals for the future are simple: 

1. Establish Trinity Water Solutions as a national brand. 

2. Offer a “Quality of Life” for entrepreneurs. 

3. Be part of our community.

For more information on the Trinity Water Solutions Franchise, visit the corporate site: