How did you get into the industry?  

Joe Maniscalco has been involved in franchising building a Cartridge World franchise in the State of New York and CT from 2005 to 2015 growing to 43 stores.  He was also on the advisory Board at Cartridge World North America which grew to 1,850 stores in 35 countries.  CWNA was sold for $100MM.


Paul comes from the hospitality industry and has owned and operated bars and restaurants for 35 years in Brooklyn and Long Island.


Marco has been in the produce industry and ran the sales for the wholesale distribution of produce to restaurants, country clubs, hospitals, and other small businesses.



What’s New in the Lazy Lobster Business or in the Franchise Model?

The franchise model is taking advantage of a casual dining atmosphere whereby people can come and have a great meal, drink and enjoy friends.  Over the last five years, the biergarten concept has been something that people have been attracted to – add a band in the larger model and it is a destination place and night out to have a great time and Eat. Drink and Get Lazy



Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

I see the larger model in waterfront areas.  This is a bigger price point for someone but also provides greater rewards.  The mid and smaller model appears to work in small shopping center type areas.  This model should also consider being near commercial buildings because it provides an alternative to lunch and the mid week lunch sales will provide great leverage for the weekend sales which will be boosted naturally.


The challenge is the price point of the cost of goods – The main item is a lobster roll and price fluctuations will create challenges.



 What is your Goal for the Business Moving Forward?

We already built the smaller model ourselves and ran it for a year – We know it works as we did it and the sales were outstanding for a new business in one year.  Our goal is to sell the franchise model in various places and make this a great alternative to a sandwich shop.



Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

The experience of the 3 owners is extensive – We also have a manager who has trained over the last year – former FDNY Captain – who has implemented FDNY type structure into the store.  He can assist in opening stores and training. We have the knowledge patience and experience to assist the franchisee and can answer and resolve any question challenge or pitfall they encounter.  We have marketing experience, advertising experience, practical knowledge, legal, business, and hands on.



Your most difficult moment at the Franchise Business?

When you have low sales several days in a row and create paralysis of analysis in your mind.  When you cannot find good workers.  When permits and local government create delays.



Define your Franchise Model:


A.    Training and Support Model?

We will provide 2 weeks of training for the franchisee to assist in building the model and the store.  We have support in every aspect of the model – from the POS System to recipes, expediting, customer retail experience, payroll, bill pay, inventory and purchasing.


B.    What is the Fee Structure?

The franchise fee plus a monthly royalty.  Our model has been defined to make it a win-win structure for the franchisee and the franchise system.  We absolutely see franchisee’s as our peers and partners in this and are dedicated to everyone involved winning with the franchise offering.


C. Territory Definition?

50,000 population or less – or a 3 miles circular radius of the store.


D. Day in the life of a Franchisee?

 –Show up at the Store about 10:30 or 11AM.  Check the numbers from the night before and make sure that the POS numbers reconcile with the printout from the registers.  Walk the store for cleanliness and identify whether the night shift made sure to fill up all counters, straightened things, look at inventory, turn on the music.  Depending on the day and what specials are being run, identify product. 

-Check payroll and time cards for accuracy.Check weekly schedule – we like to do a schedule for a 2 week period at a time.

-Look at bills and see what needs to be paid – we pay bills usually every 14 -21 days.

-Identify what is happening for the weekend – specials, events, band.  Always know what is going on in the community.

-Prep people and cooks come in about 11am – They start setting up, turn on the ovens and flat tops, make sure everything is fresh.

-Register person shows up at around 1145am – that person checks their drawer and counts it for accuracy and make sure they are ready for the day.

-During the day, manage, expedite and smile, shake hands with customers, provide a friendly atmosphere for people. 

-Any problems arise – resolve them.  What problems, credits, voids, POS system, seating, ordering, catering, etc

-At the end of the day – usually 8pm, make sure the place is clean, stuff is stocked for the next day, say good night to staff and lock up



What does a Lazy Lobster Franchisee Do in the Business Every Day?

The franchisee works the business – thinks ahead for what is happening in the community.  Identifies opportunities to generate sales. Some networking in the local community and high school area.  Identifies advertising and marketing.


If the franchisee also is a cook – which is preferred, the y make sure the food quality of fresh every day



Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate?

Someone with cooking experience – Does not have to be a cuisine chef but someone who knows their way around a kitchen – the menu is not difficult but we demand high quality ingredients, product, and presentation.  We demand cleanliness.  If the chef is disorganized and not clean, we will always have challenges and so will they.


Some business experience is a plus but we can teach them the business side like payroll, bill paying and scheduling – not too difficult. 


 A people person and someone who is positive.  A yelling chef does not work.  Someone who can handle large volume as we have had lines up 45 minutes for 7 hours at the Eat Rockaway location and orders in the smaller location that filled the entire ticket holder for an hour.  Someone who does not panic!


Success Stories and Failures with Lazy Lobster Franchisees?

We are a newer concept so don’t have them.  We built Massapequa in Sept, 2022 and have exceeded our monthly goals and sales revenue since our inception.  The model has grown organically and shown quickly that we can duplicate and scale this into new markets.  



What Goals Do You Have for the Franchise Model in the Future?

We would like to build the business model in several states.  We also like airports and believe this model is not in airports and offers a great alternative to other airport types of food.  Our goals is to have 100’s of Lazy Lobster franchises and really capture this market segment.  



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