How did you get into the fitness industry?

My decision to enter the EMS fitness industry is rooted in a powerful belief in the potential for transformation – both physical and mental. Throughout my own wellness journey, I’ve experienced firsthand the remarkable impact that tailored fitness experiences can have on one’s life.


As I delved into the world of EMS training, I was captivated by its efficiency, innovation, and the way it could cater to a diverse range of fitness goals. Beyond the evident physical benefits, I was drawn to the holistic approach that EMS training embodies. The idea of providing time-efficient, effective workouts that enhance strength, endurance, and overall well-being resonated deeply with me.


My personal experiences with fitness, coupled with a sincere desire to make a positive impact on others, led me to pursue the path of launching our EMS fitness studio. I firmly believe that by providing accessible, high-quality fitness experiences, we can empower individuals to break through barriers, exceed their own expectations, and ultimately lead healthier, more vibrant lives.



What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?

The fitness industry has been increasingly incorporating technology to enhance the customer experience. In the case of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), advancements in wearable technology and tracking devices could offer more personalized and data-driven workouts. This could include tracking clients’ progress, heart rate, and other metrics during their EMS sessions.



Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Franchise/Business Moving Forward?



  • Growing Demand for Time-Efficient Workouts: EMS training is known for its efficiency, as it provides a full-body workout in a short amount of time. With people leading busy lives, there’s a growing demand for effective and time-saving fitness solutions, making EMS an appealing option.


  • Personalization and Health Focus: As the fitness industry evolves, there’s a shift towards more personalized and health-focused approaches. We can offer tailored workouts based on individual needs and goals, which can attract a loyal customer base.


  • Targeting Niche Audiences: EMS can cater to a variety of niches, such as athletes, individuals with limited mobility, postpartum women, and those seeking rehabilitation. Identifying and targeting these specific audiences can set the franchise apart.


  • Wellness and Recovery: Recovery-focused fitness is gaining traction. Positioning the SmartFit franchise as not only a workout solution but also a recovery tool that can attract health-conscious customers.



  • Education and Awareness: Many people might not be familiar with EMS training. Educating potential clients about its benefits and safety will be important for attracting and retaining clients.


  • Health and Safety Concerns: While EMS can be safe when used correctly, improper usage or lack of supervision can lead to injuries. Proper training for both trainers and clients is essential.


  • Client Retention: Like any fitness offering, retaining clients can be a challenge. Creating a strong community, offering varied workouts, and providing exceptional customer service can help with client retention.


  • Marketing and Branding: Building a strong brand and effectively marketing the SmartFit franchise is crucial for attracting clients, especially in a competitive market.


  • Staff Training: Properly training staff to use EMS equipment, customize workouts, and ensure client safety is paramount. Investing in ongoing education is essential.



What is your Goal for the SmartFit Business Moving Forward?

  • Market Leadership: Establishing the SmartFit franchise as a leader in the industry, known for innovative training techniques, exceptional customer service, and a strong brand presence.


  • Client Satisfaction: Prioritizing customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality EMS workouts, personalized training plans, and a welcoming and supportive environment that keeps clients coming back.


  • Expansion: Growing the SmartFit franchise by opening multiple locations in strategic areas, potentially expanding beyond the initial region or even internationally.



Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?


Franchisee Training:

  • Initial Training: Provide comprehensive training to franchisees before they open their studios. This should cover everything from understanding the EMS technology and equipment to business operations, sales, marketing, and customer service.


  • Operations Manual: Develop a detailed operations manual that outlines all aspects of running the franchise, including daily operations, safety protocols, employee management, and financial procedures.


  • Hands-On Experience: Offer hands-on training at an existing location or through workshops where franchisees can experience EMS sessions firsthand and learn how to lead effective sessions.


  • Business Planning: Help franchisees develop a solid business plan, including setting financial goals, marketing strategies, and growth projections.


Staff Training:

  • Technical Training: Ensure that EMS trainers are well-versed in operating the equipment, setting up sessions, and adjusting intensity levels based on individual client needs.


  • Fitness Expertise: Provide ongoing training on fitness principles, exercise physiology, and how EMS training fits into clients’ overall fitness routines.


  • Personalization: Train staff to tailor workouts to clients’ fitness levels, goals, and any specific health considerations.


  • Safety Protocols: Emphasize safety protocols to minimize the risk of injury during EMS sessions. This includes proper electrode placement, monitoring heart rate, and understanding contraindications.


Ongoing Support:

  • Field Support: Assign dedicated field support personnel or mentors who can visit franchise locations periodically to provide on-site assistance, address challenges, and offer guidance.


  • Regular Workshops: Organize regular workshops and seminars to update franchisees and staff on the latest EMS training techniques, industry trends, and business strategies.


  • Marketing Assistance: Offer marketing support, including providing templates for promotional materials, social media strategies, and advertising campaigns.


  • Technical Support: Have a technical support team that can assist with equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.



Your most difficult moment in the Franchise Business?

Hiring challenges can indeed be one of the most significant hurdles in any business. Finding and retaining the right staff is crucial for providing quality service and maintaining a positive customer experience.



What does Your Franchisee Do in the Business Every Day?

We create life changing results for people, what’s not to love about doing this every day!  The studios are designed to be simple, easy to operate and simple operating businesses allowing for flexibility and multi-unit ownership opportunities.  



Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate for a SmartFit Franchise?

Here are some characteristics and qualifications to look for in potential franchisees:


  • Passion for Health and Fitness:
    • Ideal candidates should have a genuine passion for health and fitness, as they will be more motivated to promote and represent your EMS fitness concept effectively.


  • Business Acumen:
    • Franchisees should possess basic business acumen and an understanding of financial management. They should be able to manage the day-to-day operations, budgets, and business growth effectively.


  • Sales and Marketing Skills:
    • Strong sales and marketing skills are essential to attract and retain customers. Candidates with experience or a background in sales, marketing, or customer service would be ideal.


  • Leadership and Management Skills:
    • Franchisees will be responsible for managing a team of trainers and staff, so leadership and management skills are critical. Candidates with previous leadership experience can be a valuable asset.


  • Commitment and Dedication:
    • Successful franchisees should be committed to the long-term success of the business. Candidates should be willing to put in the time and effort required to build and maintain a successful EMS fitness franchise.


  • Financial Stability:
    • Franchisees should have the financial stability to invest in the franchise and support it during the initial stages when it may not be highly profitable.


  • Strong Work Ethic:
    • Candidates with a strong work ethic are more likely to persevere through challenges and work hard to achieve their business goals.


  • Alignment with Brand Values:
    • It’s important to find candidates whose personal values align with the brand values and mission of the SmartFit franchise. This alignment can help maintain consistency and brand integrity.


  • Compliance and Training:
    • Franchisees must be willing to follow the franchise system’s rules, standards, and training protocols to maintain consistency across all locations.


What Goals Do You Have for the Franchise Model in the Future?

  • Expanding the number of franchise locations is my primary goal. I haven’t really set a target for the number of new locations to open each year yet.


  • Building strong brand recognition and reputation.


  • Achieving high customer satisfaction.


  • Staying at the forefront of EMS fitness technology and trends.


For more information on the SmartFit Franchise Model, visit the corporate site: