How did you get into the food service industry?

After starting my career at General Mills, I understood how brands are built, how teams can continue to evolve them through innovation and careful guidance, and how they can come to mean more than just the food itself.

As I continued to build my business acumen, I came to realize that I was born lucky: I was born into the Family of the Panino!  (My family has been serving the Panino since 1974, starting with my Grandma Everetta Frasca, who was the creator of the Panino as we know it today.) I knew that I was destined to take the Panino into the future…crafting a brand that modernized the format, menu, and restaurant experience. So, in 2015, I left General Mills – and started the restaurant!


What’s New in the Business or in the Trasca Franchise Model?

One of the most significant differences between how we operate our restaurant – is that we believe it’s a business…not just a restaurant.  We use good data – to get a good understanding of how our business is performing, and to make well-calculated decisions. We use marketing to drive business growth. We use a business operating system to organize our leadership team, our operating philosophies and build an entire team of creative problem-solvers.


Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Trasca Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

All franchisees have the opportunities for success and to implement a model into their region that strives to have a “come as you are” atmosphere, were patrons can have an experience they will never forget and a meal they cannot get anywhere else.

The challenge lies in building a team where everyone is “rowing in the same direction”. If the leadership buys into our Mission, Purpose and Core Values, the staff will buy-in.  And, if everyone buys in, the sky’s the limit!


 Our Mission:

  • Use great food, great service and a great experience
  • To make each day better for our guests
  • To make the community more culturally vibrant
  • And to enrich the lives of our TEAM.

We have a purpose to create warm memories through food, family, and friends. We don’t just serve food – we serve an experience built over 3 generations of Frasca family.


 Our Core Values:

  • Hustle: Energy, Inspired, Hard-working, Dependable, Proactive, Inertia, Exceed Expectations, Over-deliver
  • Professional: Respectful, team-player, communicative, loyal, accountable, reliable, honesty, integrity, coachable.
  • Positive: Sunny disposition
  • Caring: Thoughtfulness, empathetic, Sincere, Genuine
  • Passionate: Warm Spirit, Enthusiasm, Fun
  • Creative Problem-Solver: Ingenuity, Self-managed/self-motivated/self-discipline, Independent Thinkers, innovative, collaborative

What is your Goal for the Business Moving Forward?

We have a goal to be able to serve The Panino across the country, while spreading kindness and an experience that guests cannot get anywhere else!


Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

We offer hands-on and virtual training to the leadership staff prior to the opening of the franchisee restaurant – both at our flagship restaurant, as well as their location. Additionally, we will have support and contact information for our flagship store and franchise team to implement or assist in the additional training needs.

Our founder, Sara Frasca, will coach and develop the leadership teams via Point NorthEast’s Operating System Journey.


Your most difficult moment at the Franchise Business?

As we are just starting out, we’ve not sold any locations yet. However, given what we have done, I’d say it is an enormous feat to document all aspects of our process and systems.  But, we’ve done it!  And…we’re excited to share it!


 What does Your Franchisee Do in the Business Every Day?

We are in the food service business, so every day is a opportunity to serve, take care of people and provide them not only with great food and great product, but also with a memorable experience with us.  Franchisees will be managing a team, serving customers and managing the day to day business of the Trasca Franchise Model.  If you enjoy people and love to make people’s day, the business is fun, engaging and always filled with fun challenges!

 Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate? Franchisees can be from any background, food service experience is NOT required.  What is required is that franchise owners be great communicators, are upbeat and love working closely with people.  We are in a people business and the ability, willingness to take care of customers is what makes Trasca unique and what has been our differentiator.


What Goals Do You Have for the Franchise Model in the Future?

We’d like to eventually expand to include a breakfast daypart and offer an additional buy-in of our newly-built Ponte Vedra Tap Room!


For more information on the Trasca Franchise System, visit the corporate site: