How did you get into the industry? 

Having been a professional dancer I have always had a deep appreciation for feeling, listening and enjoying music.  However, it was in 1996 when I was trying to reduce my stress as a top sales executive and dealing with some significant life changes that I had a vision while in meditation of creating spaces that would support people in tuning more fully into their body/mind and spirit to align with their highest potential through what I call Whole Body Listening.  In my vision, I saw these spaces where you could relax, recharge and resonate with higher body/mind and Spiritual awareness, consciousness…uplift your vibes to higher octaves of understanding, potentials and possibilities…..Discover Harmonic Intelligence.  In other words, become more aware of limiting beliefs, past traumas still resonating in and through your body/mind that might be inhibiting you from manifesting your dreams, optimal health and well-being.  I then spent many years using myself as a genius pig so to speak to learn more about the healing arts.  I became a Reiki Master and began teaching Pilates and other movement classes again, as I had in my teens.  And while offering Reiki sessions for my students and others, Sound healing tones and other sacred languages just started channelling through my voice like the energy that was moving through my hands.  A much longer very interesting story about my doing a “hands-on healing” with my mother when she was “dying” perhaps for another time.  And there are many other significant stories and experiences that might be worth sharing as we move forward as well.  But it was after having this and other experiences that I learned that there was a thing called Sound Healing that others were actually training people to learn.  For me, it was just a natural process.  And to go back to the original vision for a moment.  In this vision of seeing these spaces, I saw people lying on a lounger that somehow was connected with music and bio-feedback.  So I began investigating some bio-feedback programs and other stress management programs.  It was then that I discovered the work of Heartmath….which is a company that has a lot of scientific research around the power of the human heart and how that relates to reducing stress, enhancing creativity, productivity, resiliency and more.  It was after attending a seminar of theirs and sharing my vision that I was introduced to Barry Oser the other co-founder of So Sound Solutions. Barry had developed a lounger as I had seen in my vision!  Again longer story perhaps for later but Barry had been creating sound healing environments for over 20 years when I met him.  A Geodesic Sound Dome was used in a facility called The Mind Spa in Atlanta in addition to the loungers.  We formed So Sound Solutions in 2004 and have been selling our patented technology and creating sound healing spaces for resort spas ever since.  (I invite you to listen to some of the podcasts at as it may provide you with a lot more information that might be helpful.)

Tell us about your franchise model.

There are three different levels:

  • The So Sound Lounge/Sanctuary/Pod as a stand-alone power nap, rest, recharge and rejuvenate sound healing experience.
  • The So Sound Wellness Studio/Spa –  Utilizing the So Sound Studio floor, So Sound Inside an Infrared Sauna, treatment table and one or more So Sound Loungers. Ideally partnering with a real estate developer In a multi-unit apartment, condo complex.
  • The So Sound Wellness Comprehensive Community Center-  A Standalone building where people would come to experience all of the above plus working with chiropractors, acupuncturists, holistic doctors, nutritionists, and other healing arts practitioners.  Targeting Argi-hood community developments.

Where do you see opportunities or challenges in the business moving forward?

Opportunities are global as more and more people are looking for ways to enhance their health and well-being more naturally.  And also the research behind vibrational medicine is being more globally accepted.  In addition, people are wanting to experience new and unique environments that engage and uplift them mentally, emotionally as well as physically.  Challenges are ensuring we are prepared for the potential growth and have the right team in place to execute it.  Also positioning it in a way that is optimal as people come out of the COVID fear-based experience…..

What are your unique points of training and support?

Teaching how to Creating safe, effective and highly efficient ways to use sound and/or ART (Acoustic Resonance Therapy/Technology to help reduce stress, enhance overall health and well-being, mental and emotional clarity, and resiliency, naturally.  Utilizing 20 plus years of working with world renown resort spas and therapists to support a highly unique and truly transformational experience.  Introducing new fun, timely and inspiring programs that are proprietary and again truly transformational on all levels of being.

Describe a difficult moment in your franchise journey.

This is my first journey into building a franchise.

Define your Franchise Model:  

A. Training and Support Model?

Training to take place at headquarters followed by the franchise location. Support includes:

  • Hiring and Training Employees
  • Equipment, signs, inventory
  • Manuals, Documents and Training
  • Advertising

B. What is the Fee Structure?

The franchise fee is $35,000

Royalty is 6% of gross sales

C. Territory Definition?

100,000 population or a 5-mile radius

What does your franchisee do in the business every day?   

Offers sound healing personal and group experiences as well as other more traditional fitness, movement, yoga, etc….classes, spa and other healing arts treatments.

Describe the ideal franchisee.

Someone who is compassionate, caring yet also has a good business sense.  Someone who loves music is already somewhat aware of the growing fields of sound healing and/or vibrational medicine… is into more holistic approaches to health and well-being. Perhaps is a healing artist, yoga teacher, etc…. someone who is passionate about building community.

Do you have any success stories you would like to share? 

There are many success stories from our customers. Here is just one:

“As an expert in using sound frequency stimulation both in a clinical and a research capacity, I was greatly impressed with the technical and design aspects of your therapeutic So Sound® Lounger design. I found a number of elements of your So Sound® Lounger design both originally creative and impressive in a clinical sense.” Jeffery Thompson, Founder, Center for Neuroacoustic Research

What are your goals for your company in the future?

To be a world-recognized brand in the growing field of sound wellness.

For more information on the So Sound Solutions Franchise, please visit their website at