How did you get into the automotive industry? 

While running a successful construction company, I was looking for growth in another sector. My older brother had always been passionate about vehicles, so I decide to open up a dealership. That was one of the best decisions I ever made as an entrepreneur. 


What’s New in the 1 Hour Auto Business or in the Franchise Model?

This franchise model is all about creating more time for the consumer and the franchisee. 

  • The average amount of time spent at a dealership is over 4 hours. With 1 Hour Auto, our systematic approach allows the customer to be gone from the lot within an hour.


  • For the franchisee its about getting your time back. The average work week for an automotive sales professional is 60-70 hours a week. With 1 Hour Auto, you can make the same amount of money (and more) and work a regular work week. 


Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the 1 Hour Auto Franchise/Business Moving Forward? 

I believe the opportunities are abundant in the automotive sales business. By maintaining 35-50 units a month you are drastically reducing the risk of market shifts. As the old saying goes, “Sometimes less is more.”

As for the challenges, the market is changing quickly so that is going to be a major challenge. By keeping your inventory lean and your overhead low, you can make a tremendous amount of money when others are failing.


What is your Goal for the 1 Hour AutoBusiness Moving Forward? 

We are looking to add 3-5 franchisees in the next 12 months and 1 per month every month after that.  Our focus is to deliver results for both the customer and the franchise owner, for this brand to continue to thrive, it needs to be mutually beneficial to everyone involved and continue to focus on customer experience.


Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver? 

Our training and support come from industry leading sales trainers. Every franchisee will have access to on demand training along with direct access to the 1 Hour Auto staff whenever they need.


Your most difficult moment at the Franchise Business? 

I think the most difficult moment is when I realized I had created an amazing proof of concept and that after 6 years I would have to change the trajectory of this business. 

Although it was a difficult decision, I know this decision to bring this opportunity to some deserving entrepreneurs is going to be well worth it. I truly believe this opportunity can change someone’s circumstance or continue to grow the portfolio of the entrepreneur.


Define your Franchise Model:


A. Training and Support Model?

There will be on-demand Sales and Finance & Insurance training. Along with ongoing training from the corporate office.  We have a great training system and will be supportive of franchisees in every aspect of the business model.


B. What is the Fee Structure?

Royalty – 3%    Marketing – 1%


C. Territory Definition?

The territory is going to depend on the area, but we will make sure that we don’t oversaturate the area leaving each franchisee the ability to maximize profits.


D. Day in the life of a Franchisee?

Standard hours with tasks varying from purchasing vehicles, desking deals, handling floor plans, and staying on top of marketing campaigns to keep customers coming back.


What does Your Franchisee Do in the Business Every Day? 

Tasks can vary based on the employees they hire, but I think the Franchisee would be paying attention to inventory, making sure the dealership is getting good publicity, keeping track of the deals being funded, and making sure floor plans are being taken care of.


Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate? 

An ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic and thick skin. Just like any business there are highs and lows. They must be able to whether the storm when things aren’t perfect and maintain being on top by not overstepping success. Previous automotive experience will help, but having a mind for business is the ideal candidate. 


What Goals Do You Have for the 1 Hour Auto Franchise Model in the Future?

My main goal is to provide a resource and a business system that others can copy and create a life they always wanted.  This business model changed my life and my family’s life and I want to be able to create that for new business owners in our franchise system.


For more information on the 1 Hour Auto Franchise model, visit the corporate site: