I started since day one in the foodservice industry.

In 1989 I open, El Pacifico Pescaderia, a fresh fish and seafood wholesale, retail and restaurant business.

In 1997 was hired by Nestle to open the Foodservice department in Puerto Rico.

In 1999 I established Goldenwhipp Corp. for the distribution of Nescafe coffee systems. Becoming the market leader in the Island with 2,200 systems.

Acquire KBPizza Company in 2010.

I have 30 years experience in the Food industry, I know what it takes to start up and grow a successful business and I want to pass that to other through our Pizza Food Truck franchise.

Pizza is a staple of comfort food, and a $39 billions dollar industry.

We redesigned the Food Truck to be more efficient and capable of operate with two people. Equipment more accessible for maintenance.

Most franchise for third party suppliers to build a product. In our case we are a manufacturer of the product that way controlling the quality and consistency, another advantage is that we provide security of pricing for the franchisee since we don’t depend of a supplier that can change price at any moment risking the business.

Great timing to enter the Food Truck industry. The Food Truck concept is growing at fast pace, most cities have adapt to the trend providing more flexibility for the industry to rise.

The challenges for the future are the exportation of the franchise internationally. The supply chain is the main obstacle. But we will work to create a platform that is efficient to realize this goal

Our goal is to provide, as many family as possible the opportunity to join the Benvenuti’s Pizza Factory Food Truck Franchise, to create a financial security for their future and a fulfilling, be your own boss, lifestyle.

We will take them by the hand through the training and launching process. The franchisee will visit our facility for a week and be trained in all areas:

Driving the Food Truck-Product handling and preparation-Food Truck operation
POS system- Inventory Control – Schedule Activities Strategy – Activity Negotiation Parameters- and any other request by the Franchisee may have regarding the Franchise.

Also for another week the company will send a representative to provide on site support new franchisee.

At any time the franchisee can request additional training.

The Franchisee will acquire our factory direct products and Franchisor approved supplies from Food Service Distributors and/or local cold storage distribution. The produce will be acquired locally.

Service for maintenance of the Truck, equipment and generators will be provided by local service business for the different brands.

The Franchisee will purchase the new Food Truck fully loaded, providing the franchisee control of the asset.

The Franchise Fee is $50,000

The royalty is 8.5%

The first 20 investors will receive a 10% discount on Franchise fee and royalty exception for the first 6 month of operation.

This to accelerate their ROI.

Every day they will prepare the Food Truck, (Food Truck Operation Ck list), prepare the food part pre activity. Drive to the scheduled site Prepare and sell pizza, drive back to the commissary, easy cleaning of the truck (45 mint only), reconcile cash drawer, and prep for next day.

The ideal candidate is the person with the passion for the food industry and is looking to be his own boss.

Success, able to sell $400.00 worth of business in an hour, with only two operators.

Increase the presence of the Franchise Brand in major cities across the USA.

For more information on the Benvenutti’s franchise, visit here: https://franchiseconduit.com/benvenutis-pizza-factory/