How did you get into the industry?

In 1987 after finishing basic training and Army AIT, I was an Army National Guard. I started as a helper in Vineland NJ breaking down old giant boilers and assisting in installing new smaller ones. After years of working in every position in the industry, including owning my own HVAC company to being a manufactures representative, for two of the largest HVAC manufactures in the world, ProCalcs was born. I started ProCalcs out of necessity when clients did not feel confident with the HVAC contractor’s abilities or the overpriced, over-engineered work of mechanical engineers.

What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?

Everyone says they have the best customer service. However, ProCalcs lives and breathes customer service. To ensure this we guarantee 15 min response times on all emails and phone calls, deadlines that are held to higher standards, and a set of core values created, which we are willing to sacrifice to uphold. Our Team is based on the RIGHT people, not the BEST technically skilled people.

Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

The energy code is ever-changing and individual states are embracing and adopting newer codes that make the services ProCalcs offers mandatory. Our clients, Architects, Builders, HVAC companies and even homeowners, must adhere to these new or existing state and local building and energy codes. ProCalcs must be the BEST to ensure WE are the company they choose.

Challenges are keeping up with industry changes and finding manufacturers willing to support the company when our efforts do not guarantee a direct sale for them.

What is your Goal for the Business Moving Forward?

ProCalcs wants to bring the reliability and accuracy of proper HVAC Design services, adhering to the technical process and incorporating real-world understanding to all residential and light commercial buildings anywhere in the world.
By 2024 ProCalcs goal is to have 50 Franchise locations, expand internationally, and increase our service options to cover anything desired in residential building needed in the HVAC segment.

Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

ProCalcs University was created to train our new designers to become Professional HVAC Designers. Training for Franchisees will be one on one daily, very similar to new designer training, but incorporating business strategies as well. Education is an ongoing process and should never stop. We use an online software platform for training, along with an amazing teleconferencing program, to message and video conference for training purposes. Meeting the owners of ProCalcs and seeing how they run this successful business day to day while living the dream, traveling across the country in their 40-foot motorhome, visiting clients and team members, learning new industry techniques, and seeing all the beauty this country has to offer at the same time.

Your most difficult moment at the Franchise Business?

There are some amazing HVAC companies in the industry. However, many of them are technically unaware and just go by what they have seen done for 30 years, become a challenge when they push their opinions on unsuspecting clients. This has been one of ProCalcs reasons for our success. We must adhere to and understand the technical WHY of everything we do, as well as understanding the real-world application it will go in. This is where learning and understanding the “WHY” behind everything we do, is vitally important.

How is your Franchise Model Structured?

Each Franchisee will be assigned a territory based on zip codes with the following criteria: amount of building permits issued, potential clients (Architects, Builders, HVAC companies), as well as the future potential growth of territory. Based on the potential for each territory growth, Franchise fees will vary from $30,000 to $75,000 with weekly Royalties starting at 10%. Franchisees may decide to have ProCalcs corporate handle all the marketing for an additional weekly Royalty.

Understand the services we can and are able to provide

ProCalcs currently offers Manual J – load calculation, Manual D – duct design, Manual S – equipment selection, Manual T – grill and airflow design, Manual N (RTS) – Light commercial load calculations 99 people or less, energy calculations for all of those structures, as well as overall HVAC design consultation. States building codes(ProCalcs) Allow an HVAC licensed company to work on and sign for projects 99 people or less, 15 tons per system or less. Anything greater than that Must be signed by a licensed Mechanical Engineer. ProCalcs has a finished product, we have been told and strive for, which looks better and more accurate than many mechanical engineer products costing 3-5 times more.

We ensure all systems a written out and detailed

ProCalcs systems are always written out so the clients know at all times what is happening and are left with no uncertainties. Our primary goal, besides 100% customer satisfaction, is accuracy and ensuring the client’s documents pass building permitting review the first time.

What does Your Franchisee Do in the Business Every Day?

Communicating with clients, gathering information on projects and providing the services listed above to guarantee the clients receive accurate designs and pass building permitting the first time. Due to our strict customer service guidelines, it’s imperative to continually organize yourself to be efficient so no client’s needs go unmet.

Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate?

Humble, Hungry, People Smart. The franchisee should have an HVAC background, but this can be taught over time. The right person will have an open mind and is teachable. “You can teach the right person anything! You Can’t teach the Wrong person anything!” Good business understanding to be able to navigate the day to day operations and foresee issues that can potentially arise before they do.

Success Stories and Failures with Franchisees?

Our biggest failure in the past was thinking we needed to hire the smartest, brightest, most educated team members to be successful, we learned a hard lesson. Even though they were amazingly knowledgeable, they were unteachable, unwilling to be part of a team, something greater than themselves. We soon learned, Hire for Attitude and Personality, and then Train for skill.

What Goals Do you Have for the Franchise Model in the Future?

As the ProCalcs franchise grows, we wish to expand our service offerings to 3D design, Geothermal, Radiant flooring, as well as other niche markets. As franchisees take hold in other countries and time zones, being able to work together as a Team to offer 24-hour design turn arounds in many cases. We want ProCalcs to be the WORLDS Number One HVAC Design Service company.

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